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  • Recover Deleted Text Messages Using UndeleteSMS on iPhone

    Doesn’t matter if your’ an iPhone user or Nokia or Samsung or whatever, you sometimes accidentally delete your important text message that you wished to keep and curse yourself for this act. Thanks to iPhone apps developers as now iPhone users can actually recover their deleted SMS using Undelete SMS. UndeleteSMS is available on Cydia […]

  • Meal Snap – Calories Counting magic app for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

    This is one of the most wonderful and so called ‘magic’ app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from which you can take pictures of the meals you eat, and then magically tells you what food was in your meal. The most interesting thing this app tells after taking picture of your meal is how […]

  • Slap’Em free app for iPhone, iPod, iPad

    Slap ‘Em is another fun and addictive game for the masses. It is one the coolest iPhone app available free on the App Store. Have you ever looked at someone and just thought to yourself: “Boy, would I love to just slap’em.” Well, now you can. Simply create a “Slap’Em” character. Load 5 pictures. And then… […]

  • Bald Booth app for iPhone

    This is a must-have iPhone app if you have got an iPhone. It can make yourself bald. You can even try it on family, friends or random people You first edit the photo being used, highlight the areas and then the app automatically makes you bald. It is one amusing app which would make you […]