Toyota collaborates with Microsoft to bring voice recognition to vehicles

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Toyota owes Microsoft when it pertains to the future of the automaker's connected vehicles.

Microsoft will accredit a good deal of its connected vehicle patents to Toyota. Toyota will have access to a numerous intellectual properties spanning operating systems, voice acknowledgment, artificial intelligence and gesture control. It has not been revealed just how much money Toyota paid for this access, but we can guess that it probably wasn't low-cost.

This isn't the first time Microsoft and Toyota have collaborated. The two are interacting, and have been for the past year, on Toyota's information science center. Toyota Connected utilizes Microsoft's cloud computing platform to deal with services that concentrate on individualizing client experiences.

Don't anticipate Toyota to be the only one to benefit, however. It's not a special agreement, so Microsoft is free to offer its technologies to other car manufacturers. Not only will that benefit extra producers, it also indicates more cash for Microsoft. Discuss a win-win.

Microsoft, obviously, is not in the business of making automobiles, and that's very not likely to change. However it's a genuine powerhouse when it comes to making intellectual property, and given the rising computerization of the automobile market, it makes sense for Microsoft to turn its attention to connected vehicle technologies.

The tech giant is aware of dealing with car manufacturers other than Toyota. Renault-Nissan is utilizing Microsoft's Azure platform to expand its linked automobile services, including over-the-air updates. Volvo is working with Microsoft's HoloLens augmented-reality system to communicate with virtual parts during advancement.

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