The New Android Wikipedia App

Friday, January 20, 2012

When I was going to school, if I had to do some research, then I would go to the bookshelves in my home or go to the library and pull out the encyclopedia. Today, I’m not even sure if kids know what an encyclopedia is. The research tool that they use is on the computer and is called Wikipedia.

Well, now you don’t have to get on the computer to view it. If you are an Android user, there is now an official Wikipedia app. It is free and offers quite a few features. Some of these features include the ability to save an article for viewing later on offline, searching for articles that are nearby, sharing articles with friends and reading articles in different languages. If you are trying to search for a particular article, you can do that in a full –screen format.

This application if out there for those of you who want to get more information or for those of you that are just trying to get an education. If you are wondering what people seem to be thinking about this app, you can relax, because early comments appear very positive about this brand new application. For those of you who couldn’t reach it yesterday due to the blackout, it appears as if those that had this application on their Android phones were still able to search for articles yesterday.

For those not sure what I was talking about, yesterday in an effort to block a bill that was being considered in Congress, the Wikipedia site was down all of yesterday. It is evident that these efforts were successful as many sponsors of the bill quickly dropped their sponsorship. This bill would have affected everyone that even ventures onto the Internet as well as having repercussions to those that may not even use the Internet or may not use it very much. It was rather refreshing to see how people globally came together. 

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