Six Billion Photos Have Been Uploaded on Flickr

Saturday, August 06, 2011

The famous Photo-sharing site has reached a huge milestone i,e 6 billion photos have been uploaded by its users. Flickr said in a blog post
The beautiful Montbretia flower photo shown here is our 6 billionth photo! It was uploaded Monday by eon60. Over the last 5 years uploads have been increasing 20% year-over-year and we love hitting a milestone like this. It’s the ability to wander through the titles, tags, geotags, camera info, groups, comments, favs, and everything else associated with the photos that make the huge collection of photos on Flickr so unique. The more photos you upload, the more we all can explore!
6th Billion Photo uploaded on Flickr
Facebook is currently at the top in photo-sharing sites with 100 million photos uploaded daily. That's huge. Very huge indeed. I don't think Flickr can keep up with Facebook but it is good to see that Flickr has made its worth in  the world of photo-sharing sites.

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