TinyUmbrella 4.32.01 Supports iOS 4.3.2 and 4.2.7 (CDMA)

Friday, April 22, 2011

TinyUmbrella  is an application that lets you save SHSH blobs for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV which are required to be able to downgrade device firmware to an older version.
TinyUmbrella is now updated to support 4.3.2 / 4.2.7 iOS versions. I’ve also added a simple feature to allow you to ‘Visit Blog’ when updates are available. If you want to save 4.3.2/4.2.7 get the updated 4.32.01 as there was a file missing in 4.32.00 XD.

TinyUmbrella has been updated to version 4.32.01 which adds support for iOS 4.3.2 and 4.2.7 (CDMA). You can use TinyUmbrella 4.32.01 to save SHSH blobs for iOS 4.3.2 (GSM) and iOS 4.2.7 (CDMA)

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