How to fix Blogger/Blogspot header blurry image problem

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yesterday, I changed my header of my blog and the result was blurry and of very low quality image. I changed image several time but the problem persisted. Then I thought there might be a technical problem from Google because every picture we post on blogger gets stored in Picasa album and Picasa is owned by Google Inc. Finally I figured out the problem. Just follow the steps below

Go to and sign up. You can also login at Photobucket with you Facebook account.
Once you are logged in, upload your image that you want to use as your header on Blogger by pressing green button that says Upload now

Once your image is uploaded, point your cursor to that picture and click Direct link and the link of you picture will get copied

Now return to your blogger header gadget and now instead of uploading that picture from you computer, paste the code in the field that says from the web. Finally hit SAVE and problem solved

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