Trick for blogger comment box to increase comments

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This is a very strange way but it is working,when i first applied it it made me laugh.Its a funny hack for blogger comments count, as with it you can increase your comment count for all blogger posts with any fixed count you want.I think i should proceed to the tutorial so that all of you can enjoy this funny hack in your blogger.

1. Sign in into your blogger account and go to Design > Edit HTML

2. Look out for </b:skin> tag
(Tip : You can search this code by pressing Ctrl + f on your keyboard)

3. Add the following code before it


Now your code should look like this

Now save the template and view your blog.
Boom! now your post having no comments will show up 76 comments. Its really fun.
You can change number in red i,e 89 to any number you want.Try using it and have fun.

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